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ZASHTECH focus helps to solve problems related to your security system. By providing the best advice and service to you with the best support staff and management system where you do not have to worry about our credibility. There are many of our customers around the Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley. Our previous including home, office, government departments, factories, mosques, schools and hotel residences. Our Services includes CCTV, alarm system, access system, auto gate, barrier gate, telephone system, intercom, electrician , networking and computer. The door access control system refers to the devices installed at the entrances of business premises to help in monitoring people who enter or leave the premises. These systems comprise of automated devices that can detect, record and send both video and audio files.

Installing a door access control system at the entrance of your business premises is a wise idea for managers who aspire to limit chances of the staff members taking part in unethical acts. This can save the enterprises from the massive loss resulting from such unethical behavior. Consider the situation where staff members are untrustworthy. Installing the system can help you reduce theft issues.

With the door access control device, you can safeguard the important rooms in your premises. For instance, if you install the device in the corridors heading to where you hoard money, it will be easier for you to scrutinize the number of people who will try to access and enter the room without permission. What’s more, the device can help you safeguard the areas in which the company’s top secrets are recorded.

Apparently, every business operator should procure and install the system at the entrance the business premises to enable him/her enjoy the benefits discussed in this article.

Our Client

office 3
UITM Puncak Alam DA3000
Sunnah School
Staff Bayar

Secure Your Office

Doors Always open and Unlock

Somebody can enters office without noticing

Door will opened when power trip. 

We didn’t know the person going in or out.

We need to secure our door

We need to used Finger Print or Face


UITM Puncak Alam DA3000

Although a little bit late for the duration for installing 11 unit of access door, but the installation done well. Now I can manage the student and staff accessing to this laboratory

Cik Syida Uitm

  1. The student can’t go in and out another level or room

  2. The attendance of the staff can be recorded with finger print and the door will open automatically. I can manage the staff welled.

Sunnah School, Setia Alam

Sunnah School

Brand Access Control

Basic Access Door Package