Whenever you look or any services from a company, you always expect good quality and nothing less. That is exactly what we have been offering through our business and home alarm systems. We have offered our alarm systems services throughout Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Our dedication and goals are what has made us one of the highest rated companies in Malaysia.

Which alarm system is best for you?

security systemIf you have been using alarm systems for some time, it may be very simple o tell which one cannot work and which one works perfectly. However, if you are new it may be very difficult for you to choose a good system from the many available in the market. If not chosen properly, a particular system may not be sufficient for your task. Therefore, it is important to have an idea of what to consider when choosing alarm systems.

Factors to consider when choosing security systems

  • The panel- This is the brain of the system and is the control center of the functioning of the security system.
  • The internal and external sirens.
  • The motion detectors- these may be available in pet immune varieties.
  • The window sensors and magnetic doors
  • The vibration sensors
  • The broken glass sensors
  • The keypad- these may be available as LCD, LED with potential wireless capability.

Any security system you consider for your home or business has to include all of the above features. The best security system will be able to check for all manner of activity or any changes in the landscape of the home or business.